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About ACMA 

ACMA Machinery is a team with experienced sales, R&D and customer service departments. ACMA is not only design in Taiwan but also ‘’Made in Taiwan’’. Our pyramid tea bag packing machine and drip coffee bag packing machine is the most popular and well-known among our products. ACMA provides comprehensive consultancy service before customer makes purchasing decision. We will recommend the suitable machine model according to individual demand. For after-sale service, from setting up machine, training operator to in-time technical support, ACMA provides complete service.

Overseas market

ACMA has been put effort in domestic markets for decades. In recently years, we enhance our sales to overseas market and we have exported to Europe, America, Asia and Africa. We aim to build a long-term relationship with our customer with in-time and efficient support.

About Us
Professional Consultancy
Comprehensive Technical Support

ACMA provides professional consultancy service including machine, material, production flow and floor plan. We supply modular weighing system and packing system. According to different ingredient and packing type, we will find the most suitable model for you. In addition, ACMA provides the trial run service. You can bring your ingredient to our factory. We can evaluate it together and test it on our machine. We can also advise on the air supply, nitrogen supply, production flow and floor plan. We aim to help you get ready and go into production as soon as possible.

ACMA is not only design in Taiwan but also “Made in Taiwan”. All the pneumatic parts and electronic parts we use on our machine are from well-known brands. To ensure that our machine performs steadily, we have strict quality control. Our machine needs to be passed all the tests before shipment. In addition, we are equipped with Oxygen Analyzer. The only way to prove the result of nitrogen-flushing is to test the finished products. ACMA cares our customer’s fresh coffee!

ACMA provides the service of setting up machine and training operator at customer’s plant. All the machine supplied by ACMA are operated by touch panel and button. It is clear for operator. The operation influences a lot on the production capacity and quality. Therefore, it is our responsibility to support the operator. In addition, customer will also obtain a machine manual in detail. It includes all the notes and operation process.
If customer meets any problem during the operation, our team will reply as soon as we can. ACMA will help customer clarify the issue step by step. According to the machine condition, we will provide different solutions such as changing parts, video call, sending technician to customer’s plant…etc. ACMA will find the most efficient and the best solution for our customer.

About Us

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About Us