Tagging machineTagging machineTagging machine

Model number: AT146

• The length of bag and string are adjustable. The machine is easy to operate and it can satisfy the frequent changes of the markets.
• Ultrasonic sticking system control by PLC, which is safe, efficient, and eco-friendly. You can adjust the setting according to different material.
• HMI Touch panel provides comprehensive setting function. You can adjust parameters to satisfy your need and reach the high level of flexibility.
• Applicable packing materials:Non-woven fabric, Nylon/PET mesh, Biodegradable Material. ( It has to connect with AR-180 Collect Material Machine. Pyramid Tea Bag Packing machine. )


  • Capacity:Max 60pcs/min(It depends on packing filter and the length of thread.)
  • Packing Material:NWF , Nylon/PET mesh, Bio-degradable
  • Packing Method:Sticking by ultrasonic
  • Bag Size:W140~180mm
  • Power Supply:AC220V, 50/60Hz/, 3P, 3KW(can be transformed to local voltage)
  • Pneumatic Pressure:6kg/cm²(0.6 MPa)
  • Dimension:1100mm(L) x 1090mm(W) x 1822mm(H)
  • Weight:520Kg
  • Standard Accessories:Touch panel HMI、Tag color mark sensor、String length serve adjustment unit
  • Option:(AR-180) Auto Material Receiving Machine




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Tagging machine
Tagging machine