Tagging machineTagging machineTagging machine

Model number: AT146

• The length of bag and string are adjustable. The machine is easy to operate and it can satisfy the frequent changes of the markets.• Ultrasonic sticking system control by PLC, which is safe, efficient, and eco-friendly. You can adjust the setting according to different material.• HMI Touch panel provides comprehensive setting function. You can adjust parameters to satisfy your need and reach the high level of flexibility.• Applicable packing materials:Non-woven fabric, Nylon/PET mesh, Biodegradable Material. ( It has to connect with AR-180 Collect Material Machine. Pyramid Tea Bag Packing machine. )


  • Capacity:Max 60pcs/min(It depends on packing filter and the length of thread.)
  • Packing Material:NWF , Nylon/PET mesh, Bio-degradable
  • Packing Method:Sticking by ultrasonic
  • Bag Size:W140~180mm
  • Power Supply:AC220V, 50/60Hz/, 3P, 3KW(can be transformed to local voltage)
  • Pneumatic Pressure:6kg(0.6 MPa)
  • Dimension:1100mm(L) x 1090mm(W) x 1822mm(H)
  • Weight:520Kg
  • Standard Accessories:Touch panel HMI、Tag color mark sensor、String length serve adjustment unit
  • Option:(AR-180) Auto Material Receiving Machine




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Tagging machine
Tagging machine