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Continuously Upgrading Our Machine

Since all of our machines are developed, designed and manufactured by ACMA, we have the ability to keep upgrading our machines. ACMA is welcomed to receive feedbacks from our customer. According to production flow, product specification and operation behavior, we have been continuously upgrading our machines. For example, the quickly clean device and changing film plate were developed because of the opinion from our customers. These functions are exclusive in the market. ACMA is not only provide steady quality but also trying to make the machine even better. We work with our customer to maintain the quality and increase the capacity. 

Comprehensive Technical Support

ACMA provides professional consultancy service including production flow and floor plan. In addition, we can also advise on the air supply, nitrogen supply and the suitable location for placing the machine. We aim to help you get ready and go into production as soon as possible.

When the machine arrives at customer’s plant, ACMA provides the service of setting up machine and training operator. All the machine supplied by ACMA are operated by touch panel and button. It is clear for operator. Beside basic operation, the operator training also includes changing worn parts, cleaning and maintenance. In addition, customer will also obtain a machine manual which covers notice & warning, operation steps, alarm & solution, the cycle of maintenance and changing parts…etc.

If customer meets any problem during the operation, our team will reply as soon as we can. ACMA will help customer clarify the issue step by step. According to the machine condition, we will provide different solutions such as changing parts, video call, sending technician to customer’s plant…etc. ACMA will find the most efficient and the best solution for our customer.